Community Outreach

For 50 years, Citizens Baptist Medical Center has been a pillar for healthcare in the Talladega community, devoting itself to compassionate, mission-centric care. While our hospital has grown and changed over the decades, our approach to providing high-quality, patient-centered care hasn’t wavered.

Economic Impact

145 Hospital Employment
$14,000,000 Salaries/Benefits
139 Additional Jobs/Indirect
$7,100,000 Salaries/Benefits

$28,700,000 Direct Economic Impact
$23,600,000 Indirect Economic Impact

$52,300,000 Total Economic Impact

Patient Care

1,439 Inpatient Stays
14,843 ED Visits
28,249 Outpatient Visits

Community Support

$3,030,000 Annual Cost of Caring for the Uninsured