Meet Brandi Green

Mar 20, 2019

Title: Director of Food & Nutrition Services

Brandi GreenYears of Employment: 19 years

With a joyous and vibrant personality, Brandi is next up for our “Faces of Citizens” post! Having been with Citizens for 19 years she says the family atmosphere sets their team apart.

What Makes Citizens Special: The atmosphere has kept me here at Citizens. Everyone here is so kind, my team is like my family.

How Brandi chose to be a Dietitian: I’ve always been fascinated with food and the effects it has on your body. I’ve always been interested in the way it can totally change how you feel.

How Citizens Makes Patients Feel Special: We recently started giving out small artificial felt-like flowers to patients during their hospital stay. It is something our volunteers purchase and we deliver to our patients. It is truly something memorable for them and it is so great to see their faces light up!

More about Brandi: I have three kids, so I spend a lot of time at the softball and baseball field. Dakota, 18, is my oldest son and he is a senior and plays baseball at Munford High School. Darby is my 7th grader and plays softball. My youngest is Carly and she is in the 3rd grade. I’ve been married to my husband Jason for 21 years.

Brandi, thanks for all you do. We appreciate you!

Tune in for more posts and features on our employees through our “Faces of Citizens” employee spotlight series.