Meet Jerry Lee Crocker

Apr 12, 2019

Title: Manager, Sleep Lab/DME Durable Medical Equipment

Jerry Lee CrockerYears of Employment: I started at Citizens in 2009 as a contracted employee for the first 2 years. I was originally hired to get the sleep lab up and running and then I came on full time at the end of my 2 year contract. So I have served a total of 10 years here at Citizens.

What Makes Our Sleep Lab Special: I have been here from the start and have seen the sleep lab grow over the last 10 years. In 2012 we added the Durable Medical Equipment side of our sleep program. We offer sleep related DME equipment such as CPAPs, BIPAPs, CPAP masks, and CPAP replacement supplies. By adding DME to our sleep program, we are able to take care of the patient throughout the entire process from referral to treatment, resulting in a better overall patient experience and patient compliance. We also take pride in being very efficient, and we continuing our efforts to eliminate any bottlenecks in our daily processes that may slow down turnaround times or efficiencies. Our continued efforts to remain efficient also helps make for a better overall patient experience. Our ultimate goal here at Citizens is to make each patient feel as if we have satisfied their every need. Last but not least, I spend a lot of time educating our patients when they come to our facility, because educated patients are the very best patients.

How Did Jerry choose the “Sleep” Industry: Back in 2001, I decided I needed to do something different and paid my own way through a sleep related technical course. I was hired by a physician owned sleep lab right out of school and worked my way up to manager after a few short years. I also began doing some consulting work to help other facilities get their sleep labs off the ground. I was then ultimately hired on by another sleep company as their Clinical Director overseeing all of their sleep labs. When the opportunity to work at Citizens full time came up, I agreed because it was close to my home in Talladega County. I was lucky to find something that I’m good at, and I enjoy doing every day. We all have our callings to do different things in life and I feel very fortunate to have found mine. I enjoy helping all of my patients and we strive to give them the very best care they can get.

Fun Fact about Jerry: I have two Jack Russell Dogs named Bosco and Dexter. Traveling is definitely something I love to do. Even on a short weekend, my wife Angel (who is also in healthcare as a RN) and I can be found hitting the road! We will be married 6 years this year!

Tune in for more posts and features including a patient story highlighting the services offered through our rehab department.